Pick Up The Pace

Pick Up The Pace

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Within these pages you will find tips and solutions that can play a major role in creating the mental shift that's often needed to boost confidence, willpower, and self awareness. These qualities are ultimately what will take our lives to the next level. I made this book short and sweet in an attempt to get straight to the point and for readers to have to highlight every single line on every single page.

This book also contains some insight on what it means to have faith and understanding that God’s hand in our life is a guide that will lead us to our destiny. It's important for us to pay attention to His signs as they navigate us through adversity.

I wrote this book from a perspective of me striving to build with my audience. As a 20 year old in today’s society you would assume my journey has only just begun, but I have been fortunate enough to have had a head start and in turn I have gained a bit of knowledge from experience, trials, and tribulation. I have since felt God’s push to pay it forward as I grow.

Darius HolleyEntrepreneur, Dreamer/Doer